Martes, Hulyo 17, 2012

How to access offline help on AutoCAD

What if your workstation doesn't have an internet connection and you need to use help from Autodesk? Now, on recent To get the most out of the new online Help system, you will need to be connected to the Internet. If you cannot be connected to the Internet, you should switch to and use the locally installed files. These files for the most part look and feel like their online counterpart. To switch between the locally installed or online help files, do the following:

On the command line of AutoCAD, type "Options" (without quotes). Make sure no command is active before doing this. In the Options dialog box, click the System tab (shown on Figure 1 below). Under the Help section, clear "Access online content (including Help) when available" if you want to use the locally installed files. All online connectivity is disabled, unless you click an external link which will load a requested page.

Figure 1

Check "Access online content (including Help) when available" to use the online version of the help documentation. If you would like to know it's url then It is located at For the Help Browser section, select if you want to use Windows Internet Explorer or your Default System Browser. Default System Browser means, you can use either Firefox or Chrome if it is set as your default Web browser on your workstation. Click OK to save your changes.

It may differ slightly on earlier versions of AutoCAD like 2011. It looks like this (see Figure 2 below).

Figure 2 (AutoCAD 2011)

Here's an animation below for you to follow.

Animation ACAD offline help

Good luck!
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